Bingo Bash Ultimate Tips


Bingo Bash is a very simple game to play even if it’s your first time to play bingo. At the start, you are given an amount of “Bingo Chips,” to be used to buy bingo cards and then you move on to the next round. Once in, an announcer will randomly call out columns and numbers, once you have that column and number combination on one of your cards, you can click that grid space. When you achieve any sequence of five called out grid spaces in a row and you win.

When you win a round in a bingo, of course it has great monetary reward, but mostly losing rate is always higher than winning. That’s where the better Bingo Bash comes in, on several grid spaces there will be random icons that represent things like coin or gems. If at any time that space is called out, you can click on them for extra reward. Gems can be redeemed for even more rewards .

Another thing that made the game even more exciting is that as you click call out tiles, you can gain not only experience but also a “Power Up” icon. It can also be use to place a random power up when it’s fully charged.

As you go on the next level, you are able to visit different cities. Though these don’t appear to change much, aside from the visual aesthetic, each one actually comes with its own set of collectable items. For each one owned, extra daily rewards increase, such as your daily bonus of bingo chips.

Bingo Bash works swimmingly as well on its social side. You are able to gift more and more of the collectable items as well as bingo chips, gems, and power up packs. Aside from the typical posting of achievements on the wall, it is also worth noting that each round of bingo is played with several (sometimes 100+) players, who are all connected to the same chat room. Additionally, as the rounds are progressing, you can visually see the leaderboards changing based on who is winning the most bingos.

Bingo Bash is also high quality when talking about presentation. It’s has crisp and clean interface, but the looping music ends up muted fairly quickly. Really, the only significant issue that was stumbled across is that when you visit the store, the window will not always go away when you click on a new tab. Other than that, it is very slow to level up in, but the concept of levels tends to fade into the background of play anyway.

All in all, the complaints to be had with Bingo Bash are decidedly minor. It is simple to use, and with the ability to earn rewards and collect items , even when losing, it is a great recipe for an addictive game. Each action made seems to have a benefit of some sort, and it is actually gratifying to play. All that in mind, if you’re looking for a simple gambling-style of game outside of Texas Hold’em, then Bingo Bash is worth a go.

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